they entered the bloodstream

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When Thomas Cottrell, a sea captain and Matawan resident, spotted an 8 (2.40m) long shark in the creek, the town dismissed him. Around 2:00 local boys, including epileptic Lester Stilwell, 11, were playing in the creek at an area called the Wyckoff dock when they saw what appeared to be an “old black weather beaten board or a weathered log.” A dorsal fin appeared in the water and the boys realized it was a shark. Before Stilwell could climb from the creek, the shark pulled him underwater.

Substances that do pass through the blood brain barrier include molecules that readily dissolve in lipids. This is because the cells of the blood brain barrier have a phospholipid bilayer. Nicotine and alcohol easily dissolve in lipids and their effects can be felt very soon after they entered the bloodstream.

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