Assembled FC-ONE M Model Putter, FC-ONE B1 Putter Shaft , Buffed Velvet Putter Grip


Assembled club includes the FC-ONE M Model Putter, FC-ONE B1 Putter Shaft and Swing Science Buffed Velvet Putter Grip.

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Our new FC-ONE PLUS M Model putter was designed for those who need a little extra help on the greens. A high MOI design combined with a user friendly site alignment will get the ball moving on the right line to the cup. A precision milled face and the use of softer materials means a consistent roll with solid feedback. Swing Science has made it possible to offer custom fitting to all golfer regardless of skill level. Our full line up of heads, shafts and grips provides the custom club maker an infinite number of options to match the right putter to your game!
A stepless putter shaft designed to compliment the FC-ONE Putters.
The Swing Science buffed velvet style grip gives you the same feel and performance of the big national brands without the high price tag!

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