Assembled FC-ONE Plus Series Mens 6-PW, FC-ONE Plus 60 Graphite Shafts, Buffed Velvet Grip


Assembled set includes the FC-ONE Plus Mens Iron Heads, FC-ONE Plus 60 Graphite Shafts and Swing Science Buffed Velvet Grips.



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An extension of our popular FC-ONE irons, the new PLUS version is an ultra-game improvement design for entry level golfers and juniors that our new to the game. Featuring a super wide sole, thicker top line and plenty of offset, this user friendly clubhead will get the golf ball airborne with minimal effort.
Our latest addition to the FC-ONE family of composite shafts. This 64g iron shaft will become a popular option for women, seniors and juniors looking for an easy launching iron shaft. Designed to compliment the FC-ONE PLUS iron head, the combination of the head and shaft will deliver the ultimate game improvement set up!
The Swing Science buffed velvet style grip gives you the same feel and performance of the big national brands without the high price tag!

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