Assembled FC-ONE Series Mens Sand Wedge, FC-ONE 950i Shaft, Buffed Velvet Grip


Assembled golf club includes the FC-ONE Mens Sand Wedge, FC-ONE 950i Steel Shaft and Swing Science Buffed Velvet Grip.

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Our latest addition to the Swing Science iron line up, the FC-ONE irons focus on pure playability. A vertical CG weighting system makes the long irons easier to get airborne while allowing for a lower trajectory as you transition into the short irons. Minimal offset and a moderate top line make this design appeal to a large audience.
The 950i iron is a versatile sub 100g (cut weight) shaft designed for players of all skill levels who are looking for the optimal balance between lightweight and traditional weighted steel. It provides enough weight and balance for the stronger player while providing the average player the forgiveness of a lighter weight product.
The Swing Science buffed velvet style grip gives you the same feel and performance of the big national brands without the high price tag!

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