Assembled FC-ONE Utility 4U, FC-ONE 950i Steel, Buffed Velvet Grip


Assembled golf club includes the 24 degree FC-ONE Utility Head, FC-ONE 950i Steel Iron Shaft and Swing Science Buffed Velvet Grip.

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The FC-One utility irons incorporate the forgiveness of a hybrid club with its hollow construction for a more forgiving head than a cavity back long iron. The FC-One utility irons are capable of higher ball speeds due to the thin high-strength maraging steel face. Unlike hybrid woods, the FC-One utility iron has a flat face (without bulge and roll) providing outstanding control for the shot-maker. The graduated location of its center of gravity (CG) make the lower lofted clubs easier to get airborne, while providing increased stability on off-center impacts. Available in lofts of 24 and 27 degrees the FC-One utility irons are outstanding as individual utility clubs but, can also interchange flawlessly with the long irons in the FC-One iron family.
The 950i iron is a versatile sub 100g (cut weight) shaft designed for players of all skill levels who are looking for the optimal balance between lightweight and traditional weighted steel. It provides enough weight and balance for the stronger player while providing the average player the forgiveness of a lighter weight product.
The Swing Science buffed velvet style grip gives you the same feel and performance of the big national brands without the high price tag!

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