AV RAW Blue 55


TENSEI™ AV RAW Blue blends modern performance with a classic, smooth bend profile. The RAW finish reveals the Aluminum Vapor (AV) Coated Weave in the butt section, a visible cue of the added stability this unique weave provides. Power transfers straight from the hands through the ball for a consistent, mid-launching flight. The 55g option includes our Straight Flight Weighting (SFW) system which makes it easier to turn the club over through impact, reducing the tendency to fade the ball or even promoting a slight draw.

TENSEI™ AV RAW Blue is best for players who want a mid-launching ball flight with a feeling of greater stability and control throughout the swing.

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Flex R2/R/S
Type Wood
Weight 55/57/58
Tip .335
Length 46.00″
Launch Mid
Torque 5.5/5.4/4.9



A, R, S

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