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Chichibu 40 Wood SR Flex


Brand new for 2018, Graphite Design introduces a completely new ultra-light weight premium wood shaft design, the Graphite Design Chichibu series weighing in at cut weights below 40 grams.  Named after the city of Chichibu, Japan where the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters is located, the  Chichibu series of wood shafts are designed for golfers with a driver swing speed range of 60 to 85 MPH.

They have a soft tip profile and a Low Kick Point that will produce a High ball launch condition and Mid-ball spin rates providing added gains in distance versus normal stock shaft offerings. Individually hand-crafted to very tight tolerances, the Chichibu shafts use premium, ultra-thin aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials to obtain a light weight characteristic, as well as to provide the golfer with a shaft that possesses superior response and feedback at impact.



Weight 41g
Butt .600″
Tip .335
Flex SR
Length 47.00″
Launch High
Torque 7.3
Type Wood

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