DIAMANA D+ 70 Limited Edition


The next generation Diamana™ D+PLUS™ Limited Edition incorporates Mitsubishi Rayon’s own DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber into the butt section of this new design to deliver maximum stability and increase energy transfer in our time tested and tour proven “low launch” White Board profile.

We have taken the original design with Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) and Tough-QURE™ Resin System technology, and incorporated DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber in the butt-section. The result?  A heavier weighted profile with maximum stability in the tip and butt-section to deliver a lower launching, lower spinning ball flight for the player looking for a more penetrating ball flight.

SKU: DIAMANA D+ 70 LE Categories:
Flex S / X / TX
Weight 70g / 72g / 76g
Tip .335
Length 46.00″
Launch Low
Torque 3.2 / 2.9 / 2.7
Type Wood


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