B1 Fully Adjustable Putter, Black Nickel Finish


The new Swing Science FC-ONE B1 putter has adjustability as it’s middle name. With a removable sole plate that has room to add up to six standard weight plugs. It starts at 330 grams unshafted and can be pushed to 364 grams unshafted with all the weight ports filled. This allows you to custom weight your customers putter for standard, heavy, and mid-length to longer lengths on the spot very easily.

Another one of the adjustments is to locate the weight more toward either the heel weight ports or the toe weight ports of the putter for those players who need help rotating and releasing their putter either more or less. Simply add more toe weight to help slow down putter rotation, or add more heal weight to help increase putter rotation. It’s just that easy!

Finally, the unique weight design of the putter is to locate as much mass above the equator of the putter as possible which will help produce a better roll by reducing spin and skid at impact. You can visibly see the reverse weight distribution on the inside cavity of the back of the putter. The result is the purest roll in golf!

Loft 3 Degree
Lie 72.0
Head Weight 335g
Material 304 Stainless
Type Putter

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