EFP Tour, X Flex, Taper Tip


More professional golfers have trusted the quality and performance of the Loomis iron shafts than any other composite iron shafts. The EFP Series of shafts provide the same features and benefits of the G. Loomis Tour shafts of the mid 90’s but utilize modern materials and processes to produce superior feel, consistency and accuracy.

With the assistance of Mitsubishi Golf, Loomis Golf is reintroducing to the market the Loomis iron shafts. Utilizing Mitsubishi’s world class manufacturing as well as their superior resin and fiber technologies, we were able to produce some great iron shafts that provide superior feel, consistency and performance demanded by the best players in the world.

Manufactured on proprietary micro tooling, Loomis Golf incorporates over 30 layers of material to achieve a low torque tip section that provides superior stability, vibration damping and pin point accuracy. Mitsubishi’s proprietary Ti-Ni prepreg is incorporated into every shaft to optimize the feel and balance.

With torque values lower than steel, laser like accuracy is achievable. This high torsional stiffness allows you to deliver the clubface square at impact and prevents unwanted sidespin on mishits.

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SKU EFP Tour, X Flex, Taper Tip
Weight 1113g
Butt .604″
Tip .355
Flex X
Length 39.00″ – 37.00″
Launch Low
Torque 1.7

3i, 4i, 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW

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