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High Tensile Strength Forged Bronze Bending Bar


A superb bending bar that uses a high tensile bronze alloy that’s been hot forged to shape and the CNC machined to slip perfectly over the hosel of woods and irons.

Forging a ductile alloy flows, compacts and refines the metal structure, which further improves the mechanical properties of the alloy. The result is a bending bar that has a high yield strength and improved ductility with a non marring, non galling metallic structure well suited for handling today’s forged irons and irons that have undergone sophisticated finishing steps.
One key feature of this bending bar is that we made the bits fully interchangeable, giving the clubmaker 3 sizes to choose from. 13 mm for drivers and fairways, 14 mm and 16 mm for irons. The 14 mm bit is the default option.

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