Kai’li White 70


Kai’li™ White explores new depths of power and performance in a low-launch, low-spin driver shaft. Designed to keep torque low under the demands of today’s high-velocity swings, Kai’li White features an extremely strong MR70-reinforced tip to promote consistent center-face impact and tighter dispersion. Additionally, a taper butt design – the first in a Mitsubishi Chemical low-launch profile – along with Super Low Resin Content (S.L.R.C.) Prepreg and increased carbon fiber ratio in the torque core produce a smooth, responsive feel in the hands not often associated with low launch profiles.


SKU: MRCKAILI70W Categories:
Weight 75g/77g/78g
Butt .636″/.637″/.634″
Tip .335
Flex S/X/TX
Length 46″
Launch High
Torque 3.8/3.7/2.7
Type Wood

S, X, TX

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