Snug 27


The Snug SQ 27 has proven to be one of the most popular grips in our range and is a common choice amongst professional golfers and with numerous wins

All ‘SQ’ models have the same depth and width and are 59mm longer than the Snug Tour models providing greater versatility in gripping styles).

Featuring a smooth soft and flat front to ensure consistent grip alignment with a rounded underbelly which sits perfectly in the lifeline of your palm delivering the ultimate in feel and feedback.

With Dimax technology running down both sides of the grip to ensure traction when needed to help you sink more putts.

This incredibly versatile grip will accommodate all of todays gripping styles, from Conventional, Claw, Left hand low, Prayer etc..

SKU: 2TGS2B27 Categories:
Core .600
Color Black, White
Grip Model Snug 27
Weight 52g

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