TENSEI 1K Pro White 60


TENSEI™ 1K Pro White is built for the player who seeks perfection. Created using extraordinary 1K Fiber that is 3x thinner than Carbon Kevlar for a tighter, more consistent weave. This super premium fiber produces an amazing “1K feel” by transmitting more of the high frequency vibrations needed to feel the true quality of impact.

Constructed utilizing the new dual-phase XLINK Tech Resin System for a carbon-rich structure that is both stronger and more responsive. Boron fiber in the tip caps off this exceptional design. Available from 50R to 80TX, giving a wide range of players the opportunity to play a super premium 1K shaft.


SKU: MRC1KPROWHITE60 Categories:
Weight 60g/62g/65g/67g
Tip .335
Flex R/S/X/TX
Length 46.00”
Launch Low
Torque 3.8
Type Wood

R, S, X, TX

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