MMT Iron 60


Designed to maximize the benefits of both composite and steel performance, our patent pending Metal Mesh Technology represents the very best of the Mitsubishi end-to-end manufacturing approach. As layers of prepreg are stacked to build the shaft’s core, a small section of unique Metal Mesh is integrated towards the tip.

This Metal Mesh – made up of individually braided strands of 304 Stainless Steel – improves the density and stability of the shaft, while also allowing for thinner overall composite wall construction. Together this yields a finely tuned, highly responsive shaft that still provides the consistent launch and spin control needed for effective iron play.

SKU: MRCMMT60 Categories:
Weight 62g/64g
Tip .370
Flex A/R
Length 42.00”
Launch Mid
Torque 5.9/5.6
Type Iron

A, R

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